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Welcome to Stadium 185, your home for stadium and stadia news. Here you’ll find the latest in our modern world of stadiums, including renderings of buildings on the drawing board, news on current venues, photos of stadiums in use and much more.

Founded by international stadium journalist Tim Newcomb, Stadium 185 roams the venue world to offer up insight and perspective on how we view events and the buildings that help it all happen.

Sports offer a tie to the past, whether the early 1900s of Wrigley Field and Fenway Park, the late 1800s designs of soccer stadium designer Archibald Leitch or even the First Century-built Colosseum in Rome. Our word ‘stadium’ comes from a Greek word for a fixed race of 185 meters, the first use of stadium construction in the ancient world, giving Stadium 185 a name that links to history.

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